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Cangnan Fuyi Stationery Co.,Ltd.
Stationery Member 2026/03/21
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Company Introduction
Fuyi Stationery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995. We specialize in the production of Ford brand series of certificate cards, hanging belts, gifts, exhibition card belts, student supplies and other products, as well as dozens of cultural products such as PVC chest cards, PP certificate cards, PBC soft film card cover, PBC double transparent hard plastic cover, plastic injection card cover, electroplated plastic card holder, plastic clip, iron clip, glue clip, hanging belt hook, hanging belt clip, gold ribbon, reflective belt, mobile phone hanging belt, honor certificate and so on. Since the establishment of the company, due to the complete variety, strong research and development center, advanced equipment, large production capacity, high quality, loved by customers at home and abroad. 报错 笔记
Main Products: Office Consumables
Business Type: Trade
Company Address: No. 8 North Huancheng Road, Jinxiang town, Cangnan,wenzhou
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