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Chenxi Paper Products (Tonglu) Co., Ltd.
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Company Introduction
Shanghai Chenxi paper products Co., Ltd. is located in Qingpu Industrial Park, covering an area of 5000 square meters. It is connected with Beiqing highway, tongsanguo Road, and close to Hongqiao hub center. The company's Notepad products have a strong competitive advantage in the same industry. At present, we have established good cooperation relationship with many import and export companies, and the products are sold to the international market in batches. And undertake many well-known domestic enterprises, multinational companies OEM business. Our company is a professional manufacturer of note stick (also known as notice post, re paste, notice post, newspaper post, n times paste, Ruyi paste, post it note), and the company implements ISO9001 management. In 2001, we researched and developed the advertisement paste products. After years of efforts, our company has a good customer base with mature quality, high quality service and preferential price. The company's products are: ordinary series of stickers, printing series of stickers, fluorescent series of stickers, box series of stickers, special-shaped series of stickers, blister series of stickers, paper brick series of stickers, facade printing series of stickers, rotating series of notes, pet type fluorescent notice stickers (sets of various colors and shapes). With the market's understanding of the products, its practicability, affinity, cheapness, timeliness and repeatability of advertisements are displayed incisively and vividly. A variety of new cut, new style of products presented endless. Chenxi is developing and growing. Chenxi people sincerely look forward to further recognition and support from all walks of life and create a better future with a new attitude!
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2017-05-05 - 9999-09-09
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