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Constellation series stationery

Constellation series stationery, full of magical colors.It's hard to turn your eyes off. Come and have a look.

fire signs

Water sign

The wind sign

Earth sign

Next is this "cheap and good" star pen,compared with the high-end and delicate pen image in the impression, M&G series design is more close to the public.Classic night sky blue and platinum tones combined, continued the dynamic blues style without losing the mysterious atmosphere.

In addition, there is a seal series of twelve constellations, which is customized according to the exclusive personality of the constellations. It is printed with the corresponding constellation symbols and the words "twelve constellations", which is full of fun and design sense.

Different from the conventional seal design, this series uses the log texture material to polish the seal, giving it more sense of age.

Of course, there is also the "main role" in stationery - wireless binding notebook,Its cover is also based on an independent image of 12 constellations as the main visual symbol, and the fashionable English serif logo font matches the starry sky background, endowing the packaging with more western mythological color.

Finally, there is a light-emitting coil book, which is thickened and transparent with a matte process design. The cover shows the twelve constellation elements in the stars.

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