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Sea yandan, also write "sea Yan", "sea salt" is a kind of mackerel juvenile fish. Mainly produced in Xiangshan County, and the fishing mountain islands produced the best quality of sea, so called the fishing mountain sea wayer, is Ningbo famous haite products.

Elephant Mountain fishermen fished for hundreds of years and settled on the island 200 years ago to facilitate fishing on the fishing mountain islands. The sea is the smallest person to eat fish, living in the translucent, high salt yandu area. The middle and upper levels of the sea are caught from late April to September each year, with May-June being the peak season. Because of the sea's aandering light, feel sharp, so fishing at night using booby-trapped lamps, with nets to catch. The annual output is around 20 tons. The ancients had poems to remember:

No shrimp fishing without hooks, the generation of half an inch of floating.

Light shot set, take away the fish million head.

The method of processing the fishing mountains and seas is very sophisticated. Use a large pot to boil the water, pour into fresh fish, wait for the water to boil immediately to fish out of the thin spread on the bamboo, dry ingested after picking up impurities, remove the scrap, that is, the finished product. The fishing mountain produces the sea, with dry texture, bright, clean appearance, fresh flavor, salty and light mouth is well-known, for the seafood treasures, the quality of the province. In the old days, Ningbo aquatic market has "fishing mountains and seas less than goods, do not open to say." Ningbo historian Quan Zuwang has a poem praise: "a bottle of crab pure yellow sauce, a thousand fish head fine sea." "

The sea is divided into multiple varieties of size. Quality to "fine laurel" as a good, more than 2 cm long, eyes are a black spot, commonly known as "sea-eye sand", because of the number of small, so more expensive; 8-September producers, white color, body, called "autumn white", generally speaking, the smaller the individual, the better the quality, the more expensive the price.

The sea can be used for a variety of dishes. But to make soup for more, fresh fragrance, taste beauty, summer festival is more suitable. Sea wayer can also scramble eggs, mixed with pickles, even if the pure sea wayer is also a wine delicacy.

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