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Moss, also known as moss or moss, is known as moss, for green algae gate, stone algae plants. Algae body single tube, bright green to yellow-green, single or bushy, up to 1-2 meters long.

Moss vegetables generally grow in the low tide rock in the high tide area beach, is a natural growth. Ningbo coastal masses have long been collecting food habits, Ningbo is quite famous specialty. Many ancient and local books are documented. Song Baoqing "Four Mingzhi" contains: "Moss, raw sea water, such as disorderly hair, people adopt it." Song Jiading "Chicheng Zhi" contains: "Moss, raw sea water, out of the Sea of the ancient ferry good." Qing Guangxu "Ninghai County Zhi" contains: "Sea moss, such as hair and green, life yaya, out of the ancient ferry ernie. "Moss production is mainly in Xiangshan Port and Sanmen Bay, Fenghua, Xiangshan and Ninghai are produced, of which the highest production of Fenghua, the production of moss coated surface up to about 7000 mu.

Moss vegetables grow almost for years, winter to the spring of the following year, called winter moss, after spring to Lixia, called spring moss, after the summer to summer fishing, called summer moss. After washing, picking, drying, loading more than 10 processes to make dry goods. Dry products are divided into fresh water washing called pale moss vegetables, water washed called moss dishes. Every hundred pounds of fresh moss, washed into dry, winter moss can be made 7 kg, spring moss can be made 6 kg, summer moss can only make 5.5 kg. Best with the quality of winter moss. Moss green, fragrant, crunchy texture.

Moss vegetables have high nutritional value, and have been measured to contain trace elements such as algal gum, carbohydrate, vitamins, amino acids, inorganic salts, phosphates, potassium chloride and magnesium, potassium and sodium.

Moss vegetables with green color, aroma, taste delicious and so on. Is to make a variety of food flavor unique condiment. For example, cakes are: moss moon cakes, moss dishes thousands of layers of crisps, moss vegetables, such as praises; Where there is moss as a condiment of food, there is no inexplicable aroma delicious, delicious taste, make people have a great appetite.

Moss vegetables happy dry days, fear of snow and frost, afraid of cloudy tides and rainy days. Moss collection, the first time the use of moss knife, hair when the use of moss. After collecting the moss, wash it in seawater or fresh water to make it free of impurities. Then scattered on the rope to dry, when flipping, to dry until 89% dry, with the rope into a small bundle, that is, the finished product, can be sold. Fenghua, the growth of moss vegetables of good quality, fresh moss collection, after washing, drying, rolling powder, processed into moss powder for sale, and exported to Japan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions.

Moss vegetable taste salty cold, with soft solid knot, the effect of detoxification of heat. Can be used to prevent and treat goiter and lower cholesterol.

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