Reminder: Notice to visitors from abroad

Reminder: Notice to visitors from abroad

2021-03-03 16:17
According to the document issued by the Ningbo Municipal Government on January 22, 2021 on further normalize and refining the "14+7+7" health management measures for all those arriving in Ningbo from abroad. All inbounding person entering Ningbo after December 11, 2020 shall apply "14+7+7" "Health management measures, which means a 14 -day centralized quarantine period, a 7-day home health observation period, and a 7-day daily health monitoring period.
Those who have entered in Ningbo from other cities and have been in China for more than 28 days with a negative nucleic acid test report can end the verification and no follow-up is required. 
Those coming to Ningbo from other cities who have completed the 14-day quarantine period but less than 28 days,they must complete the home health observation and daily health monitoring period according to the remaining days and provide the corresponding nucleic acid test report . 
Those who have entered in Ningbo from other cities and have been quarantined for medical observation within 14 days (except for international crew members who have a certificate of release of centralized quarantine medical observation issued by the medical and health department of the place of entry) must be quarantined and supplemented the 14-day quarantine period immediately.
For those who have entered in the city through the port of Ningbo but the destination is not in Ningbo, and leave Ningbo after the centralized quarantine, the health management measures shall be implemented in accordance with the control policy of the destination city.
If you are from abroad and plan to visit the 18th China International Stationery & Gift Exposition and the fringe event Creative Life, please arrange your schedule in advance. If you need any assistance, please contact us.



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