Ningbo Stationery Online Exhibition was held successfully

Ningbo Stationery Online Exhibition was held successfully

2020-06-12 15:25

On June 8th, 2020 Stationery & Gifts Export Global Online Exhibition was successfully held.The exhibition lasted 3 hours. 59 overseas buyers from Malaysia, Colombia, India, Nigeria, Ukraine and other 25 countries and regions and 81 supply enterprises of China came in turn into corresponding ZOOM video conference rooms, relying on the function of real-time interactive video negotiation rooms and by way of video, voice and other face to face communication. The exhibition carried out more than 290 online video docking discussion session. 

As the stationery capital of China, Ningbo has more than 1,800 stationery enterprises with an output value of more than 60 billion yuan, accounting for about 35% of the whole country. In 2019, stationery export exceeded 37.2 billion yuan, and it is the procurement center and OEM base of stationery in China. China International Stationery & Gifts Exhibition has been held successfully by our company for 16 consecutive years. There has been more than 1100 exhibitors this year, making it the largest stationery industry exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region. This year, due to the impact of the global epidemic, our company actively responded to the decision and deployment of "stabilizing orders and expanding markets" of provinces and cities, and cooperated with Ningbo Bureau of Commerce to launch "Ningbo Stationery & Gifts Export Global Online Exhibition", so as to solve the "offline" communication dilemma with the advantage of "online" communication.

At the opening ceremony of the exhibition, Li Guanding, deputy mayor of Ningbo, said: "If we are blocked offline, we can make up for it online. We rely on cloud platform technology, through innovative communication mode to achieve mutually beneficial and win-win goals." Rebecca, director of Event development of Alibaba, praised the new initiative of "exhibition on cloud" and emphasized that Alibaba is also laying out the new structure in this aspect.

The opening ceremony also included online presentations by Mr. Yan Ruiliang, the Acting President of The STATIONERY STATIONERY Federation of Malaysia, Selong STATIONERY Association, General Manager of Fufang Education Supply LTD. and Mr. Murad, the general manager of QUNAIBI STATIONERY Company of Jordan. Mr Yan Ruiliang said: "Ningbo Stationery & Gifts Export Global Online Exhibition is very important. Malaysia has been hit hard by COVID-19 this year and we are delighted to see you quickly build an online platform!" Mr. Murad is an old friend of Ningbo Stationery & Gifts Exhibition. "It helps me a lot to get ready for the flood season and also to visit factories in Yiwu, Wuxi and Shanghai."In the early stage of the exhibition, Zhongbo International Exhibition has made accurate matching between the exhibitors. On the site of the exhibition, the exhibitors did good job on materials preparation, online display, product introduction and other aspects. And the two sides talked happily. Summer, the Business Director of Cixi Yilin Stationery Manufacturing Co., LTD., has brought the form of "live-streaming with goods" to the online exhibition. Live mirrors, light fillers, online video interaction... The booth was just like a small studio. Over the course of the show, Ms. Summer said that the feedback has been good and interest in her company's products has been strong, and she has been rewarded in all five meetings.

Affected by the epidemic, many exhibitors came to the exhibition with the mentality of "have a try", but did not think that the "cloud exhibition" was very effective. "Our salesman had a good chat with the buyer from Malaysia and left contact information with each other. We will further communicate later." Cixi City View Haiwei Bain stationery factory director Luo Xudong expressed with surprise. Wang Jianjun, the General Manager of Import & Export of Ningbo Guangbo, said, "The idea of holding an online exhibition is good and solves a lot of practical difficulties. Of course, the organizers can strive for better details and I am quite satisfied with the early matching and on-site docking services." Jiang Dingguang, head of Ningbo Beilun Guanghui Culture and Sports Co., LTD., said after preliminary negotiations, he was worried before the exhibition. He said that the company had received orders from foreign trade companies, and the products were mainly exported to the United States. However, due to the impact of the epidemic, the company has no orders at present, so he can only bring about 30 types of ballpoint pens and neutral pens to try his luck directly with overseas buyers. Today is a lucky day, the enterprise has contacted several overseas buyers, is expected to reach further cooperation.

Wei Qiuying ,the manager from Shengpa Import &Export came here from Hangzhou early in the morning. She was full of expectation for the online exhibition and has signed up for the exhibition on July 16-18 in advance. "As a result of the epidemic, foreign buyers are now placing orders cautiously and have conservative expectations for the future market," she said. We need these online exhibitions now. The Internet is not controlled by time and place. We can have a new way to communicate."

Hua-jie zhou, the General Manager of our company is introduced .On the basis of summarizing the stationery online exhibition, the company will organize Ningbo Stationery&Gifts Exhibition at the same time and a second stationery online exhibition. 2020 Ningbo Stationery&Gifts Exhibition will attract more than 300 overseas buyers with high quality and more than 1100 exhibitors to participate. And online purchasing overseas buyers who can't go to the exhibition site problem will be invited online.The online exhibition lasts until 6 PM. Close to the end, there are still a lot of exhibitors and foreign buyers in a pleasant negotiation. Everyone expressed their desire and believe the online exhibition from July 16 to 18 will be better and gain more. Let's look forward to the "online" and "offline" exhibition of Ningbo Stationery&Gifts on July 16 and 18!



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