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Booth & Decoration

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Instructions for the construction of the specially renovated booth (please download the form by March 10, 2022, complete the form, and email it to the host.) ):

1. Booth facilities: Special decoration booth (light field) only provides the appropriate area of the site, does not include any facilities;

2. Special installation booth construction time: March 21-22 8:30-17:00, overtime must be pre-requested, and pay overtime;

3. Special installation costs: Special installation and construction management fee, deposit, construction certificate fee, electricity fee and electric box fee shall be charged separately, and the specific charging standard is to be determined;

4. The materials submitted for the declaration: a copy of the qualification of the construction unit (or business license), the "Special Booth Construction Declaration Form" (download) "Special installation booth construction safety responsibility guarantee" (download), construction risk deposit, booth design effect map, construction map, power distribution map;

5. Submission time/address: submit written submissions or express to 268 Min'andong Road, Ningbo, International Financial Center F Seat 904 Wang Weibo 0574-87254006;

6. Construction risk deposit payment: the construction unit must be delivered before entering the site, the construction risk deposit; less than 36 square meters: 10,000 yuan / booth; greater than or equal to 36 square meters: 20,000 yuan / booth. If there is no safety responsibility and handle construction waste during the exhibition, the risk deposit will be returned within 30 days after the exhibition, if the corresponding liability occurs, the corresponding expenses will be deducted from the deposit, the insufficient part of the construction unit according to the Special Construction Safety Guarantee requires a separate supplement.

7. Risk deposit payment account number (Note: Risk deposit must be paid by the construction unit)

Name: Ningbo Zhongbo International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Bank: Haishu Branch of Guangfa Bank

Account: 7403516010000075

The General Assembly designates the home builders:

Ningbo Century Zhongteng Exhibition Co., Ltd.


Contact: Zhou Guanghui

Phone: 0574-87901875 13615744446

Address: Room 903, 666 Yangmuyu Road, Ningbo High-tech District


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