Exhibiting Terms

Exhibiting Terms


Basic Terms and Contract Details

1. Explanation of words in the terms

"Fair" refers to Ningbo International Auto Parts and Aftermarket Fair.

"Organizer" refers to Ningbo Oriental Harbor International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

"Exhibitor" refers to any comapny that book the booth as the contract.

"Booth" refers to the space allocated to the exhibitors and stand set up in the venue.

"Exhibits" refers to the products displayed at the exhibitor's booth.

"Venue" refers to the exhibition hall and space use to set up the booth and stand.

"Designated Service Provider" refers to any individual or company employed by the venue operator or the Organizer during the Fair to set up, construction or other related work.

2. Booth Layout and Allocation

The Booth layout is drawn by the Organizer according to the structure of the Venue. In the Contract, both party should agree booth No., Exhibition Area, Booth Style, cost and payment.

The Organizer reserves the right to cancel the booth or extend the booth time if the exhibitor didn't pay in time according to the contract.

All booth selection will follow the principle that Pay First, Choose First. Also the Organizer reserves the right allocate booth according the classification of the products.

The size and number is precise as the layout. But the organizer can change it when necessary.

3. Booth Change or Cancellation

If the exhibits not mentioned in the contract, or not in the exhibition scope, or the exhibitor retail at the exhibition site, the organizer reserves the right to cancel the booth and ask the Exhibitor to move out,  the cost is non-refundable.

The organizer reserves the right to cancel the exhibition, reduce the scale of the exhibition, change the exhibition hall, divide the exhibition into one or more exhibitions, or merge multiple exhibitions into one exhibition, extend or shorten the time, or reschedule the exhibition date.

If the exhibitor violates the obligations stipulated in this contract, including but not limited to respecting the rights of the organizer, the content and interests protected by law, the organizer has the right to cancel the booth and the exhibitor shall pay the organizer a penalty equal to the exhibition fee.

Exhibitors who fail to fulfill their payment obligations to the organizer, or who violate the terms of the venue, will no longer enjoy the right as Exhibitor, and the organizer has the right to terminate this contract unilaterally.

4. Exhibitor Cancelation or Breach the Contract

Exhibitors shall not terminate or cancel the booth or related services in the Contract. In case the Exhibitor terminate or cancel the contract, then

a) Even the Exhibitor inform and cancel the booth three months before the exhibition dates, the Organizer won't return the paid fee for whatever reason.

B) If the Exhibitor inform and cancel the booth within three months before the exhibition dates, the Exhibitor is shall still pay the whole participation fee.

5. Force Majeure

The organizer is not responsible for any breach of Contract coused by uncontrol reason. The Organizer can not take the responsibity or delay to take the responsibity caused by its reasonable control. Force Majeure including but not limited to any natural disaster; fire, flood, explosion, earthquake, torrential rain or other natural disaster; labor strike or dispute; computer server failure or related issues; disease outbreaks, plagues or quarantine restrictions; travel restrictions; any actions from the government, civil or military agency; embargo, war, riot or civil unrest, shortage of materials, etc. All the above terms, the exhibitor has no right to cancel the Contract, neither make any other claims to the organizer, especially claims for damages.

6. Intellectual Property and Video Recording

The Exhibitors guarantee that the exhibits, packaging and related public materials will not infringe or violate the rights of the third parties, including trademark rights, copyrights, designs, names, and registered or unregistered patent rights. The organizer is not responsible for reviewing whether the products infringe the intellectual property rights of others. Disputes caused by intellectual property rights are the sole responsibility of the exhibitors and have nothing to do with the organizers.

If the exhibitor's exhibits, printed documents, promotional materials or other items infringe the intellectual property rights of other exhibitors, the Organizer have the right to remove the infringing exhibits, printed documents, promotional materials from the exhibition or confiscate them.

Only individuals authorized by the organizer and possessing valid credentials can take photo, photographs, sketch copy or video at the exhibition site. Otherwise, the organizer can confiscate the recorded materials and can take further legal measures to investigate. But the organizer have the right to own the photography, pictures, movies and videos produced at the exhibition site, and used for advertising or media publications.

7. Exhibitor Badges

During the exhibition, every 3sqm booth can apply one free exhibitor badge. The Exhibitors should apply ten days before the exhibition dates, otherwise the organizer will charge CNY 100 per badge. All the Badges are numbered and non-transferable, or the Organizer have the right to confiscate the Badge.

8. Other Terms

The organizer reserves the right to explain, change and amend any part of these terms and conditions, and issue additional terms when necessary (including but not limited to the Exhibitor Manual, the Hall Manual issued by Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Center, to ensure the exhibition run normally.

Without the approval of the Organizer, exhibitors are not allowed to tear down the booth or remove the exhibits before the official closing time on the last day of the exhibition.

Any exhibitor can only distribute its publicity materials in its booth, and shall not advertise, demonstrate or solicit business in any other place in the venue. Exhibits and publicity materials can only displayed in its booth.

9. Relevant Laws and Terms

This contract applies to the laws of the People's Republic of China.

The following terms will apply to exhibitors both registered in China or internation. If there is a discrepancy between English text and Chinese text, the Chinese text will apply first.

If there are any disputes, arguments or requirements directly arising from this Contract (the following referred to as Disputes), or disputes related to the content of this Contract, or disputes arising from breach, termination or invalidation of this Contract, the parties to the Contract shall conduct friendly at first time. If it cannot be resolved amicably, either party has the right to sue in the court that has jurisdiction in the place where the organizer is registered.

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